Compton Communications is thrilled to announce the launch of 14 new channels

We have been listening to customer input and with that in mind we have added the following channels:

Disney HD:640
ABC Spark:55
ABC Spark HD:615
Cosmopolitan TV HD: 616
Slice HD:617
Nat Geo Wild: 208
Action HD: 643
CP24 HD: 608
RAI italia: 370

MLB Network: 515
MLB Network HD: 575
CBS Sports Network: 507
CBS Sports Network HD: 569
HD10: 481
beIN Sports: 525
beIN Sports HD: 581
WWE Network: 528
HBO2: 40
HBO2 HD: 648
Warner Films HD: 644
MGM Channel HD: 645
Sony Movie Channel HD: 646
AXN Movies HD: 647

HGTV OnDemand: 997
History OnDemand: 999
Lifetime OnDemand: 999

Many of these new channels have been added to existing packages at no extra cost. Please see our Digital TV Pricing and Packaging page for details.

Compton is taking the opportunity to reorganize some of the channels to make it quicker and easier for you to find what your are looking for. Your High Definition Sports channels can now be found starting at 540, Kids programmming now starts at channel 150, and OnDemand now starting from 980. For an updated online and printable channel guide click HERE.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while these changes come into effect.

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