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Administrative Charges

If you subscribe to Compton services, you may be subject to the following administrative charges for administrative or account processing activities in connection with your consumer or small business account. All charges are subject to change as well as applicable taxes.

Name Of Charge
Connection Fee
 $  25.00
One-time fee charged when you activate a new device or upgrade your device.
Bill Reprint Fee
 $  15.00
Charged when you request a bill reprint from Customer Care.
Telephone Number Change Fee
 $  35.00
Charged when you request to change your telephone number.
Restoral Fee/Account Processing Fee
 $  35.00
Charged when your service is restored after being suspended for non-payment or when services are scheduled to be disconnected for non-payment and then a sufficient payment if made prior to being disconnected.
Returned Payment/Cheque Charge*
 $  25.00
Charged when your preauthorized payment is denied or a cheque that you have sent to us has been returned, which could be due to NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) in your account, ACL (Account Closed) or CNT (Cannot Trace).
Employee Pricing Fee
 $  50.00
Applies if an eligible term contract customer moves to an Individually Paid Line with preferred employee pricing
Service Call Fee
 $  49.99
Applies to residential service calls where a technician is required.
Install Fee
 $  19.99
Charged for the reconnection of residential services when disconnected for nonpayment.