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Cable TV

Compton Communications offers more than 400 video and audio channels, with 100% available in crystal-clear digital format.

With Compton, Digital TV is easy. Plug a digital terminal into your current cable connection and you’re on. Digital cable works with your existing wiring. You don’t need to have a digital terminal on every TV, you’ll still get the analog channels you subscribe to on secondary TVs with no additional equipment needed.

Compton offers the latest and greatest in set-top boxes, including the high-definition capable dual-tuner DCX3400 digital video recorder (DVR), with the ability to pause live TV and record shows at the touch of a button.

Topping off the digital TV experience is Compton OnDemand, with a variety of new release and classic pay-per-view movies, free content and so much more that you can’t get on satellite: