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Home Phone

What if we told you that you could keep your phone number, save money, have more features, continue the security of full e911 and get better customer service?  You’d probably think we’re crazy – but we’re not.  Compton Home Phone gives you all that and more. And now, for a limited time, you can save $5 per month of our already low price for six months!


If you currently have an Uxbridge, Port Perry, Goodwood or Coppins Corners phone number, you can keep it and switch to our service.  You’ll be listed in the phone book (unless you don’t want to be).  Alternatively, we can issue you a new phone number for your area.


Please note that all phone number transfers from Bell need 13-15 business days for appropriate processing.  To ensure that the transfer process goes as smoothly as possible, please have your Bell bill in hand when you call to order.

For more information please consult the links on the left navigation bar.  When you’re ready to order, please call our friendly customer service representatives at (905) 985-8171.