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Business Web Hosting

Site Management

Compton’s Web hosting packages offers an online management interface for Email, File transfer and DNS Management. This can be accessed at the following link



Once logged in you will have access to all the tools and support options need to manage your site.

To obtain help once logged in you have a few options

1) to get help or information on the current window you are in there is a help option in the upper right hand corner of your window as show below.

2) Video Tutorials are also available for some of the common tasks and are accessible in the “Preferences” box on the main screen as show below.

FTP Access

You can access your ftp site using the following settings

FTP Username: Same as your cPanel login

Server Name: ftp.domain_name.ca (replace domain_name.ca with your actual domain name)

Port Number: 21

* Remember that additional support can also be accessed through the help options described above