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Personal Web Space

With each email address that you registered with Powergate, you also receive free personal web space. This is true for every email address you have with Powergate. Lets assume that my email address was janedoe@powergate.ca. My web space can be accessed at http://home.powergate.ca/~janedoe. If I were to go to that web address in my internet browser, I will see the following:

Of course I will not be able to see the web page that I have created at that address yet, because I haven’t published it to my web space. In order have my web page published to my personal web space, I will do the following:

  1. Create my homepage on my computer and name the created page index.html.
  2. Send my index.html file to Powergate.
  3. Refresh my internet browser to view my homepage.

Creating or coding web pages is beyond the scope of this document, however there are thousands of web sites that can show you how. If you are new to building web sites, check this primer to get yourself started.

Once your index.html file is created, you need to FTP your file(s) to Powergate. In order use FTP, you need an FTP client on your computer. Core FTP is a free FTP client available for Microsoft Windows from our downloads page. Download and install Core FTP, and launch the program. You will be presented with the four fields that need to be entered.


Use Powergate Personal Web Space
Enter ftp.powergate.ca
Type the prefix of your email address
Use your email password

Locate your index.html file on your computer from the left panel of Core FTP, and drag and drop the file over to the right side. This will upload the file to your Powergate web space.

Now return to your internet browser and refresh the web page by clicking on the reload/refresh button.